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Benefits And Risks Of Erythropoietin Supplements

Erythropoietin supplements are an important development in the field of medicine. Erythropoietin is a kidney-produced hormone that enhances the formation and release of red blood cells from the red bone marrow. The red blood cells on the other hand contain hemoglobin pigments that are necessary for the transporting oxygen around the body. The respective kidney cells that are responsible for the production of this hormone are specialized to be very sensitive to the levels of oxygen inside the blood as it circulates through the kidneys. Once these cells detect a reduction in oxygen levels, production of the hormone in initiated which in turn triggers the release of more red blood cells to enhance the oxygen levels in the blood.

Low levels of oxygen could be indicative of a condition called anemia. Kidney diseases usually inhibit the production of this hormone and thereby leaving the patient anemic. However, scientists have developed a better way of dealing with this anemic condition. It entails, using a chemically produced form of the hormone, which would assist patient, generate more red blood cells. These are above mentioned supplements. They exist in various versions and could be acquired from pharmacies worldwide.

They are usually found in three main forms and have proved very important in supporting anemic patients and to a great extent people suffering from cancer. An anemic patient would occasionally require a blood transfusion to boost the level of red blood cells once these levels fall too low. However these substitutes have played a big role in eliminating the risks associated with the same. They have also been found to greatly improve the quality of life of patients and as such a key development in the medical field.

Research conducted by the health protection department brought to the limelight the importance of using them over the conventional blood transfusion method that proved expensive and could sometimes raise compatibility and other health risks. The subsequent approval of usage led to a sharp decline of blood transfusion procedures and has minimized these risks.

These synthetic substitutes also, greatly improve the quality of life. Doctors would occasionally prescribe the synthetic substances to enhance their quality of livelihood. They greatly enhance the duration of survival for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Anemia also presents the patient with a number of health risks like depression, weakness and fatigue. All these issues are greatly minimized once a patient is put under such substitutes.

Improved cognition, medical researchers have shown that they contain a protein substance that helps protect the nervous system from injury and as such improve cognition.

These substances however, pose a number of health hazards. For instance, they have been shown to increase rate of thrombotic events. This however can be greatly minimized by the ensuring proper adherence to the prescription and sticking to guidance by a doctor.

Over ally, these substitutes have been found to be beneficial. Erythropoietin supplements therefore are therefore a big stride and positive development in making lives better. Correct dosage and adherence to prescription should be upheld always.


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